How Insurance Can Maximize Independent Agents

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Nurture Your Network of Independent Resellers


Selling through independent agents is a common approach in insurance. But how can you keep your agent network informed, loyal, and ensure they’re representing your brand well? 

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  • How to make joining your agent network seamless, including easy onboarding
  • Strategies to give your independent agents transparency to things that matter most
  • Ways to empower your agents to manage their customers, capturing renewals and deepening policy penetration - and see a live solution demo
  • How to use data and AI for better results
  • Ways Sammons Financial Group is using Salesforce across their business




Heather Rhyne-Christensen 

Financial Services Lead, Zennify

Brian Greenless

Principal Solutions Engineer, Financial Services, Salesforce

Jake Billmeyer

Senior Account Executive, Financial Services, Salesforce

Doug Stitzer

Global GTM Director, Insurance, Salesforce

Aaron Witt

Salesforce Product Owner, Sammons Financial Group